Women's Weekend Workshop Oasis in August!


What:  A weekend workshop for women to escape the stresses of everyday life and envelop themselves in the joys of dance, movement, yoga, healing and community.

When: August 24 at 7:00pm until August 26 at 10:00pm


COST: Only $150
BENEFIT: Priceless 

Email Erin at eclark07@gmail.com with any questions or concerns


Friday 8.24.2012

7pm – Arrive & Settle in

7:30-9pm – JourneyDance

(www.journeydance.com) - Led by Erin

9-10:30pm – Introductions/Plan for Saturday

Saturday 8.25.2012

9am – Arrive & Settle in

9:30-10:30am – Yoga – Led by Rachel

10:30- 11:30am – Detox Ear Acupuncture Treatment – Caroline

12-1pm Lunch

1-3pm – Discussion

3-5pm JourneyDance – Led by Erin

5-6pm Dinner

Reiki Services Available by Lianda Swain

Sunday 8.26.2012

9am – Arrive & Settle in

9:30-10:30am – Yoga – Led by Rachel

10:30- 11:30am – Detox Ear Acupuncture Treatment – Caroline

12-1pm Lunch

1:30-3pm JourneyDance – Led by Erin

3-4pm Closing Ritual



Erin has been a resident of Philadelphia for 2 years, and is committed to bringing inspiring women together to share in the healing processes of dance, yoga and community. Erin is passionate about providing a safe, creative, and healing space for therapeutic movement. She aims to help others use the art of uninhibited, authentic movement expression to foster increased body awareness and sensation and for the exploration of past experiences through dance.

Erin is a member of the local Art of Living Community, and organizes meditation courses for young professionals and students in the area. Erin has also recently accepted the position of National Director for Yoga Rave, a tour featuring the So What Project, a band from Argentina who offers a drug-free, alternative way to party utilizing music, movement and meditation. Erin received her yoga teacher training at Kripalu in western Massachusetts, and has completed both JourneyDance training modules. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at George Washington University in D.C., Erin pursued a master’s degree in dance/movement therapy from Drexel University. Currently, Erin is studying the use of expressive movement collaboration with women for community building. 

For further information: 

Email : eclark07@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eclark07


Caroline Grace (Lina Luv) Ashurst, L.Ac., M.Ac., founder of Restorative Harmony Acupuncture, received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture in 2009. Currently practicing Acupuncture in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Caroline partners with her clients to personalize each treatment, depending on his or her specific needs in the moment— be they related to the Body, Mind, or Spirit. Caroline is currently in the exciting process of opening an Integrative Community Healing Center with Dr. Sarah Cohen, MD, who is currently a fellow with Dr. Andrew Weil.

Passionate about the Healing Arts, Music, and Community, and Education, Caroline has been facilitating workshops alone and collaboratively since 2009, and also curates self-enriching events including TEDxPhilly (2010) and PEX Summerfest (2010-12). Caroline Grace Ashurst is an adjunct faculty member in the Acupuncture department at the WON Institute of Graduate Studies. 

You may find out more about Caroline Grace Ashurst and Restorative Harmony Acupuncture on the web:

Email: restorativeharmony@gmail.com

Website: www.restorativeharmony.com

Facebook: Restorative Harmony

Twitter: twitter.com/#!/acupunkturista

Blog: www.tumblr.com/blog/acupunkturista


Rachel Rossitto graduated from Temple University majoring in World Religion, with a emphasis on Eastern Philosophy, and Cultural Anthropology. In 2008 Rachel was invited to study yoga and sitar at a palace in India, where she performed for kings. Growing up in a household where her father was a yoga teacher and musician, and mother a massage therapist and vegan chef, Rachel always felt natural experimenting with various means to heal the human soul and felt that it was her life purpose to do so.

After college she took her experience and fascination with spirituality and humanity, movement and music with her to New York City where she taught Pilates to some of the city’s top business men and women. In 2010 Rachel found herself in the Art of Living course, which teaches deep and profound meditation, breathing and stress reduction techniques and was so personally transformed, organizes and leads courses where she currently lives in Philadelphia for people of all ages.

Rachel was certified to teach Yoga and Yoga Dance by the Yoga Alliance at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Currently Rachel works at Vedge, one of the top vegan restaurants in the city, sings in two bands, one kirtan and the other rock and roll, teaches yoga and organizes healing workshops.

Email: rachelrossitto@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachel.rossitto


Lianda Swain of Lianda’s Natural Sense, is an enthusiastic Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive, Writer, and Philanthropist with knowledge in spiritual, emotional wellbeing, and alternative healing. Lianda has a healing and life coaching practice as well as a growing online presence with videos and blogs that inspire you to trust your intuition connect with your spirit, create more joy in your life, and live with awareness!

She loves sharing her story of a health transformation as it continues, all the while bringing awareness to the beautiful energetic force within and around all of us, aiding us in this ride of a lifetime we call, now!

Lianda facilitates energy healings to people all over the world. Her sessions with help to relax, balance, release blocked energy, and accelerate the healing of physical pains and injuries.

Enhance that beautiful sense in you at: