What Folks Say

Caroline is a talented and compassionate Acupuncturist. I began seeing Caroline for help with anxiety, poor sleep, as well as diminished appetite. After just one visit I noticed positive changes and after a few visits there were significant improvements in all these areas.
Now that I am pregnant, Caroline has helped me with sciatic pain as well as nausea.  She has also helped to support a healthy pregnancy overall.

This was my first experience with acupuncture so I was unsure of what to expect. My experience  with Caroline blew me away. It completely exceeded my expectations. Caroline is knowledgable, kind, and gentle. She is concerned and attentive. Caroline reached out to me in between visits on several occasions to check in to see how I was feeling. This type of personalized care is so rare!  I plan to continue seeing Caroline throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

- Anna F.

When I first came for Acupuncture, I could not function mentally or physically. I was a total wreck... Caroline has the gift to see the inner person, she made me calm and at ease 5 minutes into our meeting.

I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Peripheral Artery Disease, and sinus problems. Since the treatments, I have been able to breath easier, walk further, and use my handicap sticker less than I did before.  My thoughts are clearer.  I feel now that my mental and physical functions are working together. I am able to do more than I could 2 years ago, and I feel like doing things. I am a much healthier person... Thank you, Caroline.

                                                                                    - Dee D.

Caroline is amazing!

I have been seeing Caroline regularly for over a year and I expect that I will continue to do so. I had Carpal Tunnel / RSI surgery on my right hand and decided that having surgery on my left hand was not the course of action I wanted to take. When I began acupuncture, I went once a week because my pain level was quite high. Caroline and I underwent various treatments inside her office to relieve my pain. We identified triggers and how to limit the damaging effects of the carpal tunnel. She gave me great advice and taught me pain relief techniques that I continued at home. I am very happy with Caroline's knowledge and services, I highly recommend Caroline.

                      - Andrew L.

Caroline is truly a healing artist. She uses her knowledge and intuition to help me, as patient, achieve excellent healing results. I have had ( notice I use the past tense, HAD) issues with my TMJ. I started seeing Caroline more regularly, and my jaw moves more freely, and without pain. Acupuncture is an amazing for maintaining your health, and Caroline makes the process of understanding how it works, very accessible.

- Alicia M.

I love my visits with Caroline at Restorative Harmony Acupuncture!  Caroline is caring, knowledgeable and passionate about her profession.  I always feel very well cared for in my sessions and leave thoroughly relaxed and renewed.   Her office is comfortable and welcoming, and the location makes it very easy for me to get to.  I don't know the technique she uses but I always feel the benefits of Caroline's artful hands during the delicious treatment and throughout my week.

- Joy R.

I have been seeing Caroline on and off for several years. She is an incredibly talented, sensitive, and knowledgable healer. I have gone to Caroline for treatment of several symptoms including digestive issues, a sinus infection, and chronic pain in my shoulder, and always found significant relief after seeing her. I also saw Caroline regularly at the end of my pregnancy, and believe that our time together helped my body during that last month, and prepared me for labor and delivery. It can be scary to have any sort of treatment when you are pregnant, and I always felt safe, and taken care of with Caroline. She has a sweet presence, gives you lots of attention, and is careful to give you a lot of space and time. I couldn't recommend her more.

- Tamar L.

Caroline is the first acupuncturist I've experienced. I have carpal tunnel in my right arm-wrist-and-shoulder that comes and goes, but is particularly strong after a week of heavy typing. During a particularly painful period, I saw Caroline a few weeks in a row. She was gentle, asked questions, and worked on areas where I was in pain. I noticed substantial improvement afterwards, to the point that my pain markedly subsided and my symptoms of carpal tunnel have almost entirely disappeared. I'd highly recommend her to anyone interested in trying acupuncture.

- Lee T.