What To Expect

The succession of Acupuncture treatment includes a series of weekly treatments.  It is recommended that the first 6 treatments are received on a weekly basis, and then treatment can be stretched out over a course of anywhere from bi-weekly to seasonally, depending on the unique needs of the individual coming for treatment and his or her progress.

Acupuncture needles are single-use, sterilized packaged needles. They are solid and as thin as 3 human hairs; Sometimes people feel a slight prick when the needle is inserted, but generally other than a little ache sensation, treatment is not painful.

In addition to needles, other tools are used in the treatment room to affect healing.  Moxabustion Therapy is a technique used which applies the herb artemesia vulgaris (or mugwort) to Acupuncture points. Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha, and topic herbal plasters may be used as well.