Welcome to My (Healthy) World! #1: Cellphone Use

Every day, I find myself looking at my smartphone, browsing my favorite sites right before falling asleep and immediately upon waking (?!).  I wear contacts, so when I’m using my smartphone at those late or early hours, I am finding myself VERY close to the screen.  

Cell phones emanate microwaves, and there is a lot of debate out there about whether or not they are “unsafe”.  I found this article which has some convincing evidence to make us further question our safety: Cell Phones, Microwaves, and the Human Health Threat .  What do ~you~ think?

Personally, I think it isn’t safe to be using cell phones as often and as close to our bodies as we do.  That’s why, after observing my “unconscious” usage of my smartphone in the morning and night, I decided I needed to be a bit more intentional.  

I encourage you to think about how you are using your cell phone:

  1. Are you using earbuds when speaking, and keeping your phone a good distance from your head?  
  2. How close to your head is your phone when you are using it to text, play Words With Friends ;) or browse the internet?
  3. Are you stowing your phone close to your bed to use as an alarm, or to just keep nearby (guilty as charged—-and committed to changing that!)?
  4. Are you using it late at night or early in the morning, and keeping it close to your head (also guilty as charged—and committed to changing that.  If you’re like me and use contacts, put on your glasses and use your phone to browse the internet at a distance!)

The key to health is consciousness and the ability to observe and change our patterns.  I hope you can start being more intentional and conscious with your smartphone/cellphone use!

Lots of love and health to you!

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